Racontez-nous comment vous ou un membre de votre famille a été interpellé en tant que client, bénévole, employé ou ancien dirigeant d'Emploi juif Montréal (JVS/JEM), Services à la famille juive de l'institut Baron de Hirsch (BDHI/JFS), Services d'assistance aux immigrants Juifs (JIAS), et de l'Agence Ometz.
Ometz Gives Confidence
Présenté par: Jenny Dubovina
Ometz and in particular, Galina Kesserwan, helped me a lot. Galina helped me with employment. She helped me with my CV, guided me through the process of looking for a job and encouraged me, which brou... suite
The Real Meaning of Dedication
Présenté par: Laura Assayag
As an International Business student at John Molson, you’re taught the great importance of networking. Knowing incredible people and really spreading the word that I was looking for a summer job ena... suite
Why I Recommend Ometz
Présenté par: Cindy Mayberger
I originally came to Ometz to find a job. I met with Natalie Lang, an employment counselor, and she was fantastic. She detailed the job search process and showed me exactly how to help myself, includi... suite
Finding My Place in the Working World
Présenté par: Amanda Lapkovsky
I always thought I would have a lifelong career working with children, but the more I did it, the less I enjoyed it. I hated the idea that one day I may start to resent the children, so I knew I neede... suite
Engaging Young Adults to Help Kids Shine
Présenté par: Kylie Huberman
I first came into contact with Ometz through Concordia University. I was a student studying Human Relations as my major and Human Rights as my minor. In order to graduate, I had to partake in a fieldw... suite
Helping Children Thrive Through Mentorship
Présenté par: Tahany Okby
As a Master of Social Work student at McGill, I got to participate in a program called ICAN. Amal, the program coordinator, got in touch with Marcie at Ometz, who is now my mentor/community organizer.... suite
The Light Bulb Moment
Présenté par: Robyn Bennett
I was looking for a job about 7-8 years ago, and I was searching through traditional sources until someone suggested I see a counsellor at Ometz. I met with Cathy Grundman and we talked about my skill... suite
Ometz, a bridge between people and community
Présenté par: Ibtisam Khasawneh
I am a Jordanian social work student studying abroad at McGill, and I am part of a program called the ICAN Fellowship. Part of the program’s guidelines was to become familiar with organizations in M... suite
Ometz helped our son with Small Steps
Présenté par: David Leitner
Small Steps was a great experience for my son. Past years, he wasn’t really happy at any of the other camps he was at. We always feared the summer time, the first day of camp, and what to expect fro... suite
My Buddy Josh
Présenté par: Rob Fainer
Eight years ago I was paired up with a nine year old boy named Josh. It was a spring afternoon when I got to the apartment where he was living with his mother, and it was really a shaggy set-up, quite... suite
My Experience at Ometz
Présenté par: Lorne Wolofsky
As the old axiom goes, “It’s a full time job finding a full time job.” I never realized how prophetic that saying would turn out to be.

After 14 years with the Montreal Gazette, I felt I h... suite

Agence Ometz fait partie de ma vie!
Présenté par: Estelle

Quand je suis arrivée à Agence Ometz, j’étais enceinte pour la deuxième fois, et la cohabitation avec ma mère était devenue impossible. J’avais besoin de quelqu’un à qui parler. Il me fal... suite
Encourager l’entreprenariat
Présenté par: Thomas Jennequin
Nous avions été approchés par ProMontréal Entrepreneurs lors de la remise des prix du Concours Québécois en Entrepreneuriat.

Nous étions alors à la recherche de financement afin de pouvo... suite

You can count on Ometz
Présenté par: Anonymous

Three years ago when my family and I arrived in Montreal from Israel, we heard of Ometz from our neighbors who suggested we look into their services. We then became clients of Ometz and attended very ... suite
Ometz is a Great Resource
Présenté par: Barbara F.
I was familiar with Ometz and its services before, but when I needed to start looking for a new job, a friend encouraged me to contact Ometz.
My counsellor was always accessible, and he was a great source of information. He guided me through my search, helped me prepare for interviews, and conducted regular follow-ups.
I was very pleased with my experience at Ometz. The positive support when things don’t come out as expected was really important to me.
I see Ometz playing the same role in the future as it is now: a resource for those in our community who need some extra help.
*The author of this testimonial is using a pseudonym to protect her privacy*
Ometz offers a great variety of services
Présenté par: Anonymous

I first heard about Ometz a little over five years ago as I have several friends who work or have worked there. A close acquaintance of mine at Ometz brought a job position in HR to my attention, and ... suite
Ometz Made a Difference
Présenté par: Anonymous

Ometz helped us a lot. They advised us about different questions we had, we attended info sessions, we met new people, made friends and found jobs. Going through the sessions helped make friends. We b... suite
I was helped at a crucial time in my life
Présenté par: Rimma Zelfand
I originally emigrated from Russia to New York, but I moved to Montreal to marry my husband who had recently immigrated there, and we were resettled with the help of many Jewish agencies in Montreal. ... suite
We Need to Support Ometz
Présenté par: Shari Brotman
Une fin heureuse à une histoire triste
Présenté par: La famille Abitbol
Après 20 ans de mariage, 4 enfants et une routine de vie bien installée, rien ne laissait présager que nous aurions un jour besoin que l’Agence Ometz vienne à notre secours. Bien loin de nous de... suite
Speaking The Same Language
Présenté par: Taly Zisman
My first contact with Ometz was during the first month of my immigration to Canada in November 2012. My friends spoke about this agency and I thought it was a very good idea for me and my husband beca... suite
I Am Not Alone
Présenté par: Yoel Hus
Je crois à l’Agence Ometz
Présenté par: Avigaelle Rebibo
Je viens d’Israël et avant d’arriver à Montréal comme citoyenne canadienne je pensais qu’il était facile de faire tout ce dont j’avais besoin pour moi et mes enfants. Mais j’ai dû faire... suite
Pour le bien-être et la réussite de nos enfants
Présenté par: Anonyme .
Mon premier contact avec l’Agence Ometz fut en mai 2013. La travailleuse sociale de l’école de mon enfant a suggéré que ma fille se joigne à l’un des groupes de l’Agence Ometz qui se renco... suite
Delivering Integrated Services
Présenté par: Danny Ritter
I was originally part of leadership development at Federation CJA which is a session to aid sensitive young people in the Community, and we did a mission to Montreal during which they gave us a bus to... suite
Victor Goldbloom Shares his Story
Présenté par: Agence Ometz
Victor Goldbloom, a pediatrician by profession, has worn many – and varied – professional and community hats, and made myriad contributions to the fabric of Quebec society. He is both a Companion ... suite
Standing Up for Jewish Family Services
Présenté par: Oscar Respitz
I’m a lawyer, and when I graduated law school in the 50s I joined the firm of Max Kaufman, who was then very active in Baron de Hirsch. He got me involved in the childcare and youth services committ... suite
Our Responsibility to Help Others
Présenté par: Barry Shapiro
When I got involved Ometz was JIAS, and the origin of my interest probably goes back to 1948 when my late father Joseph Shapiro was its President. I was eight years old at the time and I remember my p... suite
One Door for all Immigration Needs
Présenté par: Barry Silverman
One of the key projects we had was the Hundred Family Program, where we were bringing 100 families at a time to Montreal from the Soviet Union. We sent social workers to Moscow and these families were... suite
Remembering “Le Mercaz”
Présenté par: Mark Lazar
I was on the JIAS board for ten years, and was the president throughout 1989-1991. In 2007, the year before the Ometz merger, I was asked to sit on the board again for another year.

In relating ... suite

Being a part of the Ometz family
Présenté par: Brenda Rodier
I was born in Poland at a time when my parents were struggling to reconstruct their lives after surviving the war. Like so many before them, they left for the ‘Promised Land’ with the hopes of st... suite
Marcelle partage son histoire
Présenté par: Agence Ometz
Marcelle Sabrin Partouche a eu une vie plus dure que la plupart – une vie marquée par le divorce de ses parents, par le décès prématuré de sa mère, par le placement en famille d’accueil et p... suite
Coming Full Circle
Présenté par: Howard Berger
Lucky me - I love my job! But my path to get here was a little roundabout… My very first contact with Ometz occurred when I was about 10 years old and a student at the Shaare Zion Academy. Jewish Vo... suite
Ometz is a great safety net within our community
Présenté par: Zoe Polsky
I had heard about Ometz from a girl living in the same residence with me in my first year at McGill. She had originally wanted to get involved with the Ometz mentoring program, and I thought it would ... suite
Ometz Touches Many Lives
Présenté par: Jeff Berkowitz
After completing my University undergraduate degree, I decided to get more involved in the community. At the time, a very good friend was working at Jewish Vocational Services and encouraged me to vo... suite
I found the courage, thanks to Ometz
Présenté par: Paula Szwarc
Présenté par: Stan Cytrynbaum
My late friend Martin Kirsch was on the board of JVS before me and he encouraged me to join the board so I did. One of his sons may have been in the Workshop, and it seemed like a worthwhile agency to... suite
À mon tour d’aider l’Agence Ometz
Présenté par: Anonyme .
Juste avant mon départ de France, ma sœur a recherché sur internet des endroits où je pourrais manger cachère à Montréal et…elle a trouvé le site de l’Agence Ometz! Elle m’a envoyé le l... suite
Ometz is Warm & Friendly
Présenté par: Oxana Pasternak
I came from Israel in 2007, and from my first days here in Canada, Ometz was helpful for me and my family. I am very happy to say that I was able to find a job with the help of Jonathan Levey. It was ... suite
Ometz is a Lifeline
Présenté par: Linda Kislowicz
I first started to work at Jewish Family Services social center in 1976. I graduated with an MSW at McGill with a concentration in child welfare, and I got a job at JFS in the youth protection program... suite
Empowering the Most Vulnerable in Our Community
Présenté par: Robert Kleinman
I was president of Jewish Immigrant Aid Services (JIAS) from 1991-1993, before it underwent its merger with JVS and JFS to become Ometz as we know it today. I moved onto the JIAS board in 1988, and it... suite
Giving a Helping Hand
Présenté par: Frema Engel
In the early 1980s, when Ometz was known as the Baron de Hirsch Institute, a private family service agency with administrative links to CLSC Rene Cassin, I was involved in a planning committee concern... suite
My Wish for the Jewish Community
Présenté par: Gail Small
Prior to coming to JFS/Ometz I was the Executive Director of the Farha Foundation and we had awarded a grant to JFS to deliver AIDS education workshops. I got to know the agency in this way, liked wha... suite
L’expertise de l’Agence Ometz
Présenté par: Myriam Sabine Denoun
Alors que j’étais à la recherche de nouveaux défis professionnels, j’ai eu la chance de rencontrer l’Agence Ometz. Très vite, j’ai su que cette rencontre serait déterminante. Le soutien q... suite
Ometz welcomed me with open arms
Présenté par: Rosa Bautista
It was my great friend Orly who referred me to Ometz. She had previously used Ometz’s services and recommended it very highly. I came to Ometz to strengthen my job as a caregiver for the elderly. I ... suite
Thank you, Ometz
Présenté par: Stephanie Unger
At the age of 18 I dropped out of Cegep and began working for minimum wage. Two years later I had a revelation. I realized I wanted more and had to return to school. The problem was that I was lost ... suite
Many Thanks to Ometz
Présenté par: Olga D.
I would like to kindly thank Ometz for the great help and significant support that you provided me during the difficult period of my life. Illness, interrupted study, family and financial problems - i... suite
I Am Here
Présenté par: Amy .
Imagine that you are at home in your comfortable house. You are planning your next family vacation. Your child is playing happily on the kitchen floor, while the three other children are in their Jewi... suite
Supporting My Career Changes
Présenté par: Carol Wolfovitch
I worked at BMO in systems development for twenty three years (twenty of which were part-time), before deciding that I did not want to go back full-time and was ready for a new career. While searching... suite
The Ability to Adapt With The Times
Présenté par: Rhona Blanshay
I was a volunteer for an Israel-based organization for many years before I was approached by Jewish Family Services. As a volunteer, my experiences had always been rewarding, and I also felt it was ti... suite
Helping the Marginalized
Présenté par: Marilyn Bicher
I started volunteering with JFS around 1993, just after the introduction of Bill 120 that realigned social services and mandated the closure of the public Jewish Family Services Social Service Centre.... suite
Getting Hired
Présenté par: Erin Friend
Ometz helped me get hired for two jobs in the last 5 years. I was able to get advice from my counselor about my resume and she gave me the opportunity to participate in the Cocktails and Conversation ... suite
Being There to Serve
Présenté par: Debby Becker Newpol
I was approached by the president of JVS at the time to see if I would get involved with the agency. I was inclined to accept, seeing as my father was a past president of JVS and I was familiar with t... suite
Lending a Hand to the Jewish Community
Présenté par: Michael Cape
Back in 2001 in the midst of the Intifada, my son David (now a past President of Federation CJA) asked me to join him on a Federation CJA solidarity mission to Israel. This mission was my first ever c... suite
I am more confident, thanks to Ometz
Présenté par: Keren Besner
I had been out of the workforce for 7-8 years, and a couple years ago someone I knew went to Ometz to find work. I couldn’t go back to work full-time, but I hoped there would be a compromise to be f... suite
Une formidable chaine d’amour
Présenté par: Anonyme .
Mon premier contact avec l’Agence Ometz qui s’appelait à l’époque JFS, remonte à environ 15 ans. J’avais entendu parler d’un soutien aux familles juives qu’apportait l’Agence JFS gr... suite
Our Journey
Présenté par: Anonymous .
I felt compelled to share this note of appreciation, as it seems that so often we only reach out in times of need. Through terrible circumstances, both my wife and I ended up on Ometz’s doorstep, un... suite
A Helping Hand
Présenté par: Vanessa Abissidan
Having recently graduated, I was aware that landing a job today isn’t as easy as it may seem. I felt that the process of looking for a position would be much easier if I contacted a recruitment agen... suite
Billy's Story
Présenté par: Agence Ometz
Bill Kirsch is personable, outgoing, funny - and fond of the sorts of puns that make people groan. He occasionally plays the piano during holiday celebrations at an Agence Ometz program in which he p... suite
From Generation to Generation
Présenté par: Jonathan Bicher
My mom was the President of Jewish Family Services in the early 2000s and it was her connection to JFS that contributed to my desire to become involved with this organization. Once she no longer was ... suite
Giving guidance, empowerment and opportunity
Présenté par: Iris Wagner
I am a Past-President of Jewish Vocational Services & the JVS Sheltered Workshop and was involved with the agency for over thirteen years. My first involvement came in 1987 when I was asked to join as... suite
Prepping for the professional world
Présenté par: Jason Druker
I first came to Ometz as a recent graduate of University, in 2011. I had heard of Ometz through word of mouth, from friends who had used their services. As a recent University graduate several years a... suite
Mon parcours
Présenté par: Eva Ohnouna
Bonjour, mon nom est Eva Ohnouna, et je suis immigrante. Ma famille et moi -même avons immigré à Montréal en août 2010. Notre cheminement pour s’installer au Canada n’aurait pu se faire sans ... suite
Monsieur La JIAS
Présenté par: Agence Ometz
Kathy Assayag était une enfant en bas âge lorsqu’elle est arrivée en 1968, de Casablanca au Maroc, à Montréal, avec ses parents dans la vingtaine, ainsi que deux frères et sœurs, avec un quat... suite
My Montreal Job Hunt
Présenté par: Joshua Salzberg
I can safely say that finding a job would have been nearly impossible without the help of Ometz, as well as my counselor, Stephanie Steinman. For five months, I went through the highs and lows of the ... suite
Tommy Schnurmacher's Story
Présenté par: Agence Ometz
Many Montrealers know Tommy Schnurmacher as a journalist, a radio talk-show host and a political commentator. Since 1996, he has been host of The Tommy Schnurmacher Show, a talk show airing weekday m... suite
Thank you very much for being such a good friend!
Présenté par: Svetlana

Dear Agence Ometz,

Thank you very much for being such a good friend! Particularly many thanks to Galina - for all her help and care! I remember the first day I met with Galina very well. She em... suite

Présenté par: Max K.
I was first seen at Jewish Vocational Services at the end of 2002. For somebody who was used to wake up every morning and go to work unemployment was not an easy pill to swallow. It was hard not only ... suite
Helping My Children Succeed
Présenté par: Esther

Let me take you back a couple of years to explain how Ometz came into my life. I have three beautiful children, Baruch Hashem. They have struggled with various needs since they began daycare. I have h... suite
Seeking the Right Career
Présenté par: Lisa Peters
I am writing to the team at Ometz, for the exemplary help, guidance and warmth I received in embarking on a new start in my career. Your professionalism and wisdom were completely effective in navigat... suite
I never imagined myself on the receiving end
Présenté par: Lisa Caplan
My parents - even my grandparents, held leadership roles all through my childhood into young aunthood in the community, particularly at JFS when it was still BdH. My mom is even a past president and o... suite
Dear Ometz and Small Steps Day Camp
Présenté par: Ivy Rabinovitch
I am a mother to three healthy growing boys ranging from 8 to 14 years old. Each of my children has some type of learning disability which we have dealt with as they appeared. Max, our youngest, se... suite
une merveilleuse découverte
Lors de mon travail en tant que directeur des relations publiques de la CSUQ et de Directeur de la publication de la Voix Sépharade, j'ai plusieurs fois l'occasion de fréquenter des professionnels d... suite
Those were the days my friend.....
Présenté par: Gail Krasner
I was first seen at Contact ProMontreal after graduating from Special Care Counselling. I needed a job and I needed one quickly. I remember being interviewed by Alice Ohayon, my very first contact in ... suite
Community Matters
Présenté par: Agence Ometz
Osnat’s Beginnings
Présenté par: Agence Ometz
Access to Jewish Education
Présenté par: Agence Ometz
Ometz: The Community Bubby
Présenté par: Joel King
My Best Ometz Story
Présenté par: David Moss
Ometz: Une Main Tendue
Présenté par: Margot Spiegelman
Je suis arrivée en 1965, en provenance du Maroc, avec mon mari et mon fils. Malheureusement les choses sont devenues difficiles avec mon mari et nous avons dû nous séparer. Cela a été un grand ch... suite
My beginnings
Présenté par: Laurie Betito
When I was a teenager my mom worked for JFS as an administrative assistant, and I remember walking the halls as a young kid. It’s possible that these experiences had an influence on my decision to g... suite
Présenté par: Katherine Korakakis
I had just finished university and was excited to start my career. I was always a good student who studied hard and achieved academically as a result. Unfortunately, I had never been taught how to wri... suite
Agence Ometz, notre maison
Présenté par: Andrey, Galina, Olga, Michelle, et Emily Chaykovsky
Deux ans et demi plus tôt, ici, au Canada, votre agence était la première place dans ce pays qui a non seulement contribué à améliorer notre situation financière, mais s’est concentré davant... suite
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